OPTIMUM is an intermediary service company between the member and the suppliers / service providers, it is not a travel agency or an agency of promotion. OPTIMUM selects for you the best suppliers / service providers to meet your needs to help you save time, avoid delays in adapting to your lifestyle and personality. The customer data is kept strictly confidential and will be used solely and exclusively in the business for professional reasons and in absolute discretion.
Company headquarters OPTIMUM: Clos Medicis 8 1050 Brussels Belgium.


OPTIMUM excludes services involving the use of drugs, sexual performances and use of animals in general and all the services that are illegal and can be dangerous for people and things. OPTIMUM is allowed to decline any request that would violate the ethical and legal principles.

OPTIMUM guarantees, to the extent possible, the services and the necessary elements and ensures maximum efforts to meet your needs by selecting precisely the best employees. OPTIMUM is responsible for detecting the degree of customer satisfaction to maintain and improve the quality.


For private and corporate services to member will be evaluated case by case.

Any change in membership prices can occur without notice. The amount charged by OPTIMUM

will not change during the year of membership.
The subscription price is only applicable for intermediary services between the member and the suppliers / service providers, in any case OPTIMUM make payment to suppliers and service providers on behalf of the member.
Any changes or additions to the rules are not subject to the notice and each member is subject to these policies that are current or new, without any restriction. If OPTIMUM’s general conditions are written in a language difficult to be understood, the member must provide independent understanding.

Each member is the sole owner of the card and is the only to benefit from the services, the holder can not request a service to be transferred to another person and each member must ensure that others do not use their card name.

A member must provide OPTIMUM with the correct transmission of personal data to apply for membership and be at the age of majority, information and misinformation errors will include a delay of membership or non-membership. All changes to personal data must be communicated to OPTIMUM spontaneously.

To join OPTIMUM you must provide your personal data, with the acceptance of unrestricted OPTIMUM protocols, by web site, by e-mail or registered mail, with a first payment to Optimum of a duration of one year renewable membership, payable by credit card or bank transfer. OPTIMUM notify the member of its membership and his first day of benefit from services. The member will get the OPTIMUM Card which is strictly personal and only the member can enjoy the services and no one else on his behalf.

The member joining OPTIMUM must meet the monthly payment without asking a refund. For member joining OPTIMUM and who have not benefited fully or partially of their subscription, the member must meet the monthly payment without asking a refund. In the absence of payment to OPTIMUM, the contract will be terminated and the member will be persued and will pay legal fees and a penalty of 20% of the annual fee.

Services 'purchase' items are made on behalf of the member and the mediation service are validated according to the protocols OPTIMUM services or purchasing different policies are applied depending on the suppliers and / or service providers.
The member will be notified 30 days before the end of his membership for a possible renewal. If within 30 days OPTIMUM will not receive a notification letter by the end of the member's membership, the membership will still be active and OPTIMUM will continue to consider the monthly payment amount and a new membership for a year.

Once OPTIMUM completed his services as an intermediary between the member and the suppliers / service providers, OPTIMUM has no responsibility for any delay, non-delivery of a service, the loss of an item, fees, fines, damage, lack of reimbursement, any incident of any kind, any negligence on the part of the member, incomplete or erroneous data or late or not given, OPTIMUM is not responsible for any type of refund to the member.

Member’s commission to OPTIMUM will be accepted only by e-mail, sms, mail with return receipt as proof of performance. OPTIMUM confirms the commissions, but a lack of readiness from the service providers and suppliers do not depend on OPTIMUM, but we will do everything to get a good alternative if there is not any satisfaction with this change we will cancel the request and there will be a refund by the supplier / service providers.

Products and services will be charged on the basis of prices from suppliers or services. Member must pay at the right time, in no event shall be liable on OPTIMUM price changes and availability of products and /or services required .

A delay of payments by members regarding the suppliers and service providers will incur a charge by OPTIMUM of 20% from the monthly fee and a fine from suppliers and service providers according to their protocols.

To cancel a commission of a supplier/service provider, a member is subject to the protocols of suppliers / service providers.

If you allow to use your credit card for remote payment for reservations at a restaurant, a purchase or other payments in general, the member must accept that OPTIMUM shall have no liability with respect to such payments.
The Member agrees to provide any personal data to correct the order, deliver, purchase products and services that their payment card has sufficient funds to cover the costs of services and products, otherwise delays or missed delivery do not depend on OPTIMUM.

OPTIMUM is not responsible if the descriptions of products or services are imprecise and different compared to reality, despite efforts to find the closest to describe what you want.

Tickets and holidays packages or other services organized by OPTIMUM are regulated by the operators or travel agencies. OPTIMUM as intermediary therefore provides preliminary information on the part of the trip. For any information on the details of the trip and others, the member must relate directly and personally to the agency or the operator.

OPTIMUM is allowed by you to use your credit card to book a restaurant and another it is agreed that for a cancellation of the reservation implies a possible loss of the right to a refund in accordance with the rules of the suppliers.

OPTIMUM is not responsible for the access of members in a club, at the discretion of the club officials who can change their access policies.

OPTIMUM will make every effort to find the best tickets for all events, the cost of tickets is likely to rise for the cost of our services and efforts. Tickets may not always be refund.

In the event that an event such as concerts or other were canceled because of artists / promoters / natural calamity there will be a refund of the ticket, but not the refund of any additional costs and services.

Tickets will be mailed immediately after booking, the cost of shipping the tickets may vary. OPTIMUM and their partners are not responsible for delays or non-delivery caused by post.

Payment for services and items purchased must be paid when the supplier or service provider requires.

Products can be returned or not depending on the state of product and the terms of the suppliers.

Members must agree to give the right information about their credit card for payments and any additional information.

The fees for services and any kind of purchases are possible. OPTIMUM will notify you and may be allowed to withdraw from your card.

OPTIMUM has the copyright to the content on the site. All other intellectual property rights are reserved. This site is intended for personal use, it is forbidden to use it for commercial purposes.
OPTIMUM is not responsible if a third party site causes prejudice and damage some of the links on this site because its contents can not be controlled by OPTIMUM.

The general conditions and adhering to OPTIMUM are subject to the laws applicable in Belgium and within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.